Louie De La Torre
I'm a simple person living in a simple lifestyle.I'm not that good looking but I assure you that I have a good heart. Isang akong Accountancy Student na nangangarap maging CPA!
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Oh my gahd! :O

(Source: antrea)

Aw. Relate :(


Hindi ka pinaasa. Umasa ka lang talaga kahit hindi naman dapat


I constantly get sad when I feel like everyone or the person I’m talking to doesn’t trust me. But in the first place, how can I be trusted by others when even me, I don’t trust myself .


Aang Hirap pala ng May SUMMER CLASS. Everyday may pasok pati na Saturday and Sunday dahil sa NSTP :(! 

Service to the Community! SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE!

Pero kaya to…. 

Tiis tiis lang..,

Lagi na lang ako INIIWAN!
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